The potential of QR codes

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I’m spending a lot of this half term looking for new ways to use the iPad in the classroom and easily the best thing I’ve seen this week is a free app called, simply, QR Code Maker (click here to link to the app).

Code patterns can be created easily and quickly for URL links, SMS, text and even a phone number to link the user to the information from a poster or wherever the QR code may be posted. The user simply needs a code reader (again, found for free on the App Store) on their tablet or smart phone to scan the picture which will quickly link to the desired content.

What really excites me about this technology is the endless possibilities for its use in schools. From pupils being able to scan codes in order to reach specific online content, texts on a purpose made Weebly website, homework assignments created on class specific blogs to codes being placed on posters around the school for open days for parents or information for Ofsted inspectors or even the possibility of sticking the codes into pupils books that link to an online video that explains any corrections made.

I’ll be testing it during a year 8, curriculum day lesson whereby pupils have to find clues to solve language riddles; I’ll post the results as soon as I can but for now, scan the link below to link to our Spanish Weebly website.



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