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One free iPad app that effectively supports student centered learning is ShowMe.

ShowMe is essentially a digital mini white board, on which the user can draw using a range of colours; add in pictures to be annotated and even record their voice. However, this has many possibilities to enhance Teaching and Learning and here are those which I’ve used.

Firstly, ShowMe can be used as a replacement for mini white boards for plenary activities. This replaces the need to hand out mini white boards, pens and erasers, which can be time consuming, especially as pens have to be check regularly and exchanging them can really slow down the pace of the lesson. Pupils can then peer assess each other’s answers by choosing a different colour (green is available, in keeping with the FHS pupil marking policy). Students could then link their answers to the Interactive White Board using the iPad’s mirroring application via AirServer.

 ShowMe Colour   

Secondly, pictures can be imported (including PDFs of exam questions) from the iPad by selecting the ‘choose photo’ icon. Work can then be shared via email/Google drive/mirroring and assessed by others. Pupils will need to sign up and make an account, which is free, but once they have it, they can use it for all subjects.

ShowMe pics

Finally, pupils and teachers alike can record any processes that they have created on ShowMe (much like Jing – a screenshot and screencast software). Pupils could use the app to create a ShowMe video to show what they have learnt in a given lesson. Furthermore, teachers could use ShowMe to input information, that could potentially be personalised to each pupil’s learning or even serve as an extension activity that explains further information on a learning point from the lesson (this could be linked up via QR code posted on the wall that pupils simply have to scan with the iPad to access the content).

ShowMe VoiceShowMe erase

ShowMe is available for free on the Apple App Store, click here to see and iTunes preview.

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