Storyboards for MFL or literacy

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Just a quickie today, as it’s 5:30 and I’m just about to leave work, using the (free) Storyboard App is a good way to engage younger pupils in reading and writing through the use of new technology. It’s very child friendly in that you use your fingers to select drag and drop images and text into the slide provided by the app to create a comic book style scenario.


Students can have a lot of creative fun by adding in scenery, weather, props and changing the orientation of the characters as well as adding in the quotes as easily as you might use Keynote or PowerPoint, but with the tips of your fingers in iPad, which I feel would be more user friendly for younger children especially.

From an MFL point of view, students are able to create conversations that are larger than they might be able to produce ‘off the cuff’ and so students are able to practice the functional aspects of conversation, whilst maximising the amount of information given in order to create a script which will be easy to follow for pupils and from which pupils can practice with the view of replicating the storyboard on iMovie (a resource which deserves its own mention on another post) to play in front of the the rest of the class as a student created listening activity or for peer assessment.

Currently, I’m focusing on increasing the quantity and quality of student speaking within the classroom and I think this application will greatly increase target language use.


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