Screwed Up

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Normally when pupils throw screwed up paper and paper aeroplanes around the room, it’s because they’re messing around. However, today I asked my pupils to do that, as part of my review. 

Today, pupils learnt nine new infinitive verbs as part of a revision of the present tense. In the review, I asked them to take a piece of lined paper and write their name at the top. Using their verb tables, they created ten conjugated verbs based on the infinitives that they had learnt. Pupils then closed their books and put their verb tables away (this is the review part). Pupils then had to screw the piece of paper up and throw it at another pupil in the room (I didn’t mind that they had 20-30 seconds to throw the pieces of paper around…it broke up the lesson and allowed them to blow off some steam). Pupils then picked up the nearest piece of paper to them, wrote their name at the top of the paper and translated the verbs into English. I then asked them to throw the pieces of paper into a box in the middle of the room. 



If you wanted to differentiate the task, you could set pupils into groups by NC level and give them a set criteria  by which they create said verbs (all in the Yo form, a mixture, some with ready printed verbs and just the endings etc…). What I really liked about this activity though, was that each pupil did it, understood it, it gives me a way of knowing exactly how well each pupil has learnt today’s topic and, for them, it was good clean fun; a nice way to brighten up lessons on conjugation. However… do have a set of verbs ready on the board… in case one plane/ball of paper goes array. 


One thought on “Screwed Up

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    October 11, 2013 at 1:35 pm

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