Socrative 2.0 update.

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Socrative is a fantastic classroom tool that enables teachers to carry out formative and summative assessment through online quizzes that are marked in real time. The announcement that Socrative will release an updated version (Socrative 2.0) has some welcome revisions. It has been announced that Socrative 2.0 will have the following features:

  • Teachers will be able to ask quick questions to all students in class, allowing for more effective questioning and allowing the shiest of pupils to engage in class discussion.
  • Students will have the option to work on questions in any order that they like when they are completing student-paced activities.
  • Students will be able take part in ‘Space Race’ games, which allow pupils to work in a team or individually, with their progress being shown by space rockets.
  • Teachers will be able to input pictures and quizzes into the tests.
  • Teachers will be able to issue pupils with exit tickets.
  • You can now rule true or false questions.
  • Questions are now graded in real time in teacher view and a final report is given that you can share with pupils.


Here is an example of pupil exit tickets.


Here is an example of progress screen in Space Race mode.



An example of automatic marking report that could be shared with the class – pupils could be given a number so that their answers remain anonymous but so that they and the teacher know their marks and responses.



Socrative 2.0 will go live on the 7th of October 2013.     Click here for a video showing the new features.


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