Teamwork and Reviews using iPads and Google Docs.

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Review student understanding in real time with a Google Docs. Using the iPads, share a Google Doc with students and by changing the document’s settings, pupils can edit the document in real time. This can be shared on the interactive whiteboard which gives instant feedback. This can be done by clicking a shared link which will take them to a document that each pupil can edit (make sure that the document settings are set so that anyone can edit them). The link could then be attached to a QR code, which pupils can scan, which saves time instead of having to input the link manually (bear in mind pupils will have to log into the Google Docs, but this takes seconds).


Pupils can edit the doc on their iPads by themselves, in pairs or in teams to answer set questions already on the document as part of a review activity or to write their answers under a team name (as seen below, I simply wrote a list of names ‘Team A, Team B, Team C etc…). This becomes even more powerful if students work in triads, each with a specific role (i.e. Creating, developing and checking work).

Furthermore, a colleague in the PE department has used Google Docs as a way of tracking progress of assignments (i.e. coursework, classwork, homework and other projects). Pupils just need to share the document with you through their Google Drive and their document will appear in the shared documents section of your drive, which will update in real time. This means you can keep an eye on how students are doing as well as editing the document yourself to provide feedback (perhaps best, in another colour).


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