Comic Life: interactive comic strips.

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Comic life is an iPad App on which you can create comic strips. It contains a number of pre-set layouts that are easily adapted to suit any class.

Students can use the resource to play out role plays between two fictional characters to show understanding of key events in History, to show writing skills in languages or even for speaking activities in English.

However, PE students in Shaun Wills’ class (a FHS colleague of mine) have been innovative in that they have used Comic Life as a resource with which they and other students can interact, greatly enhancing their teaching and learning. The resource can be altered to contain not just images and text but rather QR codes and Aurasma images so that videos and other forms of multimedia can be added to them and accessed by a variety of other Apps on the iPads. This means students can create engaging resources for others which moves them to the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy as well as potentially cutting down on planning time.

Below is an example that I have put together for a KS3 Spanish lesson that teaches the Immediate Future tense. Pupils can use ipads to scan the QR code that links them to a ShowMe video that explains how the tense is formed (which means they can work at their own pace as they can paused and rewind as necessary). There is also a developmental activity, a help section and an extension activity.



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