8 ways to use Google in the classroom.

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  1. Create a Google Doc and share it out to pupils. They can update the document in real time which is even more powerful when shared on the IWB. Students can work in triads, each with their own role.
  2. Keep track of pupil’s work by having them share the link with you, it’ll appear on your Google Drive under shared documents and can be used to monitor progress with classwork, projects, coursework and home learning.
  3. Give vocal feedback on shared documents using Kaizena. Students can record an answer to your feedback, creating a continuous dialogue. Too noisey? Kaizena supports text feedback too.
  4. Creating self-marking assessments on Google Forms using the formulas in this link or with Flubaroo.
  5. Share documents with colleagues and collaborate on lesson planning.
  6. Create differentiated flash cards using the flash cards gadget.
  7. Create a classroom website that students update to show what they have learnt for each lesson using Google Sites, much like a student portfolio of work which shows progress over time. Blogger could also be used (another Google App).
  8. Use Google Moderator to hold classroom discussions in the classroom on the day’s learning or as home learning.

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