Aurasma: augmented reality in the classroom is now a…reality

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If you’re looking to create the wow factor in your classroom, then Aurasma is the app to do just that. Aurasma is a free augmented reality app on which you can link videos (played on a loop, known as ‘Auras’) to pre-set pictures of your choice. Simply, record a video, link the video to a picture to create and Aura. Pupils can then point the camera on the iPad at the image to which you’d like the video linked and the video will then come to life as ‘augmented reality’. Try the following six activities with it:

  1. Link videos from your iPad’s camera roll that explain the lesson’s key learning points.
  2. Add pictures to student’s work that links to a video of you explaining your marking.
  3. Create a ‘choices treasure hunt’. Pupils are posed a question, have to research it and then choose a picture that represents a correct answer to access the next activity explained by the Aura linked to the correct answer picture.
  4. Have some pictures already printed out and have students record their reactions to them and link them. This could work particularly well for Art, English and MFL.
  5. Make history and art come to life by linking explanations to pictures and paintings, much like an audio guide in a museum.
  6. Have recorded messages from members of staff for a more engaging open evening for parents.

Find the App here on the App store.


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