News Booth – read all about it.

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Report on key events in history, deliver news stories on new scientific breakthroughs (in and out of the classroom), report school sports match results or even deliver the school news letter through the new FREE iPad app called News Booth.

With a range of themes available –  the modern, big news corporation look or even a more retro looking design to name just two – pupils can create professional looking news reels in seconds. You can also purchase more themes in the in-app store. Pupils can then adapt the headline text and subject text to suit the story on which you are reporting. When your news reed is created, save it to your camera roll so that you can share it with others via email/vle/Google/youtube or play it for others using Apple TV. Try the following activities with it:

1. Report on historical events that you’ve learnt about in class as a more creative way of pupils showing they understand what happened for example in the key events leading to World War One.

2. Create a news/weather report in a foreign language and play for others. Pupils could come up with their own questions to their own reports so that it could be treated as a more interesting listening activity, created by the pupils, in true lazy teacher style.

3. Deliver news reports on scientific developments in and out of the classroom i.e. the results of an experiment could be delivered in a more engaging way by students OR even new scientific developments such as events at CERN.

4. Pupils keen on extra curricular activities could use the App to deliver school wide news on the school’s YouTube channel (which if you don’t have, you should get…now!). This could include book reviews for book club, sports match results for the school and even have the school newsletter delivered through this medium.

5. Pupils could use the App in English to summsarise poems, plays and literature; perhaps work in groups of four and all report on parts of a larger text to lighten the load.

6. All reports could be mirrored on the Interactive White Board using Apple TV for the whole class to watch or be uploaded onto the school website, YouTube channel, class blog/website for others to view; why not have a welcome message on your school website delivered by pupils?


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