Month: April 2014

Recording using the iPad – WARNING! Activities require little planning.

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Due to the whole world of brilliant and thoroughly useless Apps out there, I often forget that the iPad has some fantastic core features, such as simply it’s ability to record audio. It’s not as fancy as something like Aurasma and it may not hold the same ‘wow’ factor, but I can assure you that it takes a fraction of time to plan an activity. Why not try some of the ideas below?

Record conversations/debates between pupils and upload the to My Big Campus so that pupils can make comments on the content for homework. Alternatively, play them during the starter next lesson using AirPlay as a reminder.

Ask pupils to record their thoughts and feelings about your lesson and upload them to their Google Drive. This is a good way of students reflecting on their work in the short term and they can play a series of recordings back over a term to reflect on progress.

Record speaking activities such as controlled assessments or monologues/roleplays. Voice Record Pro is easy to use and allows for recordings to be converted to MP3 as well as uploaded directly to Google Drive.

Ask pupils to record phrases (in MFL) that will be played on a reel as pupils enter during the next lesson so that pupils are instantly reminded of what they learnt.

Record pupils speaking/performing role play and play them back to the class for peer assessment. Make them available to the whole class so that pupils who missed it the first time around can make the decision to listen again. Perhaps ask pupils to then create questions to this content (once it has been proof-read and re-recorded, if necessary) so that the material can be used for another class.

Ask pupils to record questions and send them to you or an appointed gifted and talented student answer. This could even be done at home on their smart phone, even in the target language (how often do pupils practice putting questions together?).

Ask pupils to record themselves speaking at home and upload it to your VLE for peer assessment.

Ask pupils to create vocab list podcasts and put these on your VLE.