Lo-fi but effective speaking activity

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Currently, I’m trying to get pupils to produce more spontaneous language in MFL lessons and the following has proved to be quite an effective activity.


Firstly, I ask pupils in pairs to read the role-play from the above slide and work out what is being said, this helps with structuring later on.

I then give each pair 2-3 minutes to come up with their own role-play, using the structures on the board (I give them some adjectives beforehand, which are now covered up by a box in the points box). After this, the pairs 'square up' i.e. they join with another pair and perform their role-play. The other pair then marks their role-play and winners get merits or whatever reward system your school uses. I then ask some to perform in front of the class and I found that this particularly engaged boys who often don't want to take part and certainly that almost all pupils were saying more than they would do normally.

If you'd like to involve the iPads, it is possible to create and interactive score card using Dartfish Easytag to mark their opponent's role-play. I had set up a mark-scheme already on Easytag and thus students only have to touch the correct square to note a point. This could also be used for listening activities or even peer assessment of reading tasks.



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