Make detentions a time for reflection and relationship building.

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We’ve all been there, the downward spiral that is the relationship you have with one particular child how just will not behave. You try everything; the hard approach, the soft approach, the reasoned approach and by the end of it doing the same old thing becomes no approach.

As Head of Spanish, I have to hold departmental detentions for repeat classroom offenders and although my staff are truly doing the best they can (straight out of Behaviour for Learning 101), with some students there appears to be no progress.

One thing however that we are trying appears to be working, and it is giving the students time to reflect, in the form of the sheet below:


Students simply fill out the sheet in the 30 minute detention to get them to drill down into where the behaviour is coming from as often it is communicating a need. Now, I’m not saying some children don’t just act up for the sake of acting up, but for some, this may go some way to building a bridge between a student and teacher whose relationship may appear to have gone past the point of now return. It may help the student to see their behaviour through the eyes of others, or give them the opportunity to explain what is going on in their lives and this is invaluable information for the teacher. Also, it gives ownership over the student’s way forward making solutions and not excuses.

Please feel free to use, loose or abuse by clicking the following link mfl-detention-student-reflection-sheet.


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