Using a PLC style matrix to target revision.

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In such a stressful time as these coming months are for both students and teachers alike, it can be easy for students to widen their focus of revision and spread themselves too thinly when really a more targeted focus might reap more fruitful rewards.

One way in which I’ve supported year 11 students in my department this year is by creating a PLC matrix to track assessment against specific topics in the scheme of work (please see a picture below).


The above matrix is for assessment of the reading skill by topic from the AQA SoW. The theory behind is that for each topic there is a test that the student sits (I have created these on Alfiesoft, but you could use Exampro or create your own). They then put their score into the cell in the column below the topic assessed and in the row in line with their name (as a percentage). I have put a conditional equation in each cell so that the score is accompanied by a red, amber or green colour fill depending on the score (I have set mine to 0-33% = red, 34-74% = amber and 75-100% and you can see how to do this here).

I have then created higher and foundation tests based on the GCSE AQA topics from the Spanish SoW by using the online test software Alfiesoft and have put the links on our VLE (see below).

Spanish Alfiesoft tests created

The students can then independently click the links on the page, take the tests and input their scores onto the PLC matrix.

The beauty of the format is that students can look along their row to see which topics need to be target but also teachers can look vertically down each column to see which topics need to be retaught to the class as a matter of priority.

I have uploaded a blank matrix below with the conditional formatting already carried out so please feel free to use, loose or abuse.


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